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Coastal Liner Educational Touring offers a complete itinerary planning and booking service for your next school excursion. Let our experienced team tailor an tab1itinerary that is specifically designed to suit your school’s requirements. We travel to all of the popular destinations including Canberra, the Snowy Mountains, Bathurst, Hill End, Sydney and more – you name it we can do it! Contact our team discuss your school’s touring options.

The Riverboat Postman and Gosford Regional Art Gallery / Edogawa Commemorative Japanese Gardens

Sit back, relax and absorb the wonderful scenery as the Riverboat Postman travels from settlement to settlement. The Riverboat Postman services the needs of the local community by providing daily needs such as mail, milk, groceries and newspapers. The skipper will provide you with knowledgeable commentary on many river features, like “Tumbledown” and unique waterside dwellings such as “Blotto Grotto”. Read more...

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